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NGX is a company that provides IT services, including mission critical information technology services, managed IT services, cloud solutions, security as a service, telecommunications services, VoIP, professional services, and premium hardware and software solutions. level.

Our primary goal is to provide maximum business value to our clients, enabling them to grow their businesses, while reducing operating costs and allowing them to increase their competitive position through the use of the latest technologies. Our customer first approach means that our solutions are tailored to each customer to best meet their needs.

What makes us different?

  • Our solutions are tailored to each client, taking into account their business, their size, their environment and their particular requirements.
  • Our solutions are innovative, agile, scalable, consistent and personalized, always maintaining our operational flexibility.
  • We always seek at all times to exceed the expectations of our clients through quality services, quick results and cost-effective projects.

We offer IT products and services to companies and corporations in different types of sectors / industries






Real estate



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We seek the best talent to enhance their knowledge and skills. You can work hand in hand with our specialists to increase your professional development, managing to solve any challenge.

Some of our Certifications

NGX is a certified partner of some of the leading brands in the software and hardware market. Our certifications guarantee the operation of our Data Centers and the services we offer.

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