Managed WiFi with Enterprise Security

NGX Managed WiFi - It is a 100% managed service, which facilitates administrative tasks and reduces costs, likewise you will obtain a stable and high-speed connection in all areas of your office or business.

Increase coverage and make the most of your WiFi network.

We do all the work
You just need to connect.

We offer a turnkey solution that includes installation, configuration and ongoing management. As a managed service, we provide automatic security updates, software updates, and regularly scheduled maintenance.

Offer your customers the possibility of connecting to the Internet in all common areas with the best coverage and with a segmentation of your network traffic to provide the best security.

Benefits of Managed WiFi

A secure, enterprise-grade wireless network customized for all your business needs. Enrich the productivity of your business and the experience of your users with a fast, reliable and safe service for your company.

Managed Solution

We take care of software updates and configurations. We keep your network safe and available for your business.

Business Security

We keep your network secure with secure user authentication, VLAN's for different networks. You can decide who uses your network, how and when.


Increase coverage and make the most of your WiFi network, our solutions are tailored to each client.

Cloud Solution

Managed solution in our cloud console to meet the needs of your business without complexities.


Use the guest network to promote services, or even monetize the use of your Wi-Fi network.

24x7 Support

7x24 monitoring through our NOC providing real time alerts if the network encounters problems.

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