• Higher bandwidth at lower cost
  • High availability with greater flexibility

Unlock the potential of your network with SD-WAN, which offers you security, optimized performance and intelligent scalability.

SD-WAN solutions for your business

The SD-WAN service optimizes the network constantly and in real time, routing traffic through the best available WAN circuit, which allows prioritizing essential business applications or those especially sensitive to latency, such as telephony or video, for optimal performance.

Take advantage of an SD-WAN without risk of incurring unpredictable costs or excessive operational complexity. Our technical specialists will be in charge of designing, implementing, installing and managing your end-to-end SD-WAN service.

The best SD-WAN solution for your business

Our team of experts will design, implement, and manage your SD-WAN solution using industry best practices.

  • Cisco Meraki

  • Fortinet

  • Sophos

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

Cisco Meraki MX security and SD-WAN appliances are ideal for organizations planning a unified management solution for
Threats (UTM) for distributed sites, campus, or data center VPN concentration.

SD-WAN Benefits

Power your business and adapt to changing web application and tool needs with an SD-WAN solution.

Easy to deploy and scale

Flexible WAN designs with multiple deployment and connectivity options that offer all-device visibility and "One-Touch" provisioning for remote site deployments.

Enhanced perimeter security

For added security, the SD-WAN service includes end-to-end encryption of all data transmissions over the internet. It has visibility to see all the traffic and to minimize the security risk of your networks.

Greater network agility

On-demand scalability to make changes in near real time to quickly meet business needs by routing traffic through the best available WAN circuit, prioritizing business-critical applications.

With NGX SD-WAN you will be one step ahead

  • Smart routing and control, 2 or more WAN routes
  • Next-generation business firewall
  • Network monitoring and WAN link performance
  • 24x7 support by our NOC

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