NGX SMS Gateway

Alerts, notifications and SMS and WhatsApp campaigns

Send SMS campaigns easily, quickly and safely.

Massive SMS Service for Companies

With our solutions you can send bulk SMS to send all kinds of messages from promotions to security notices. We have all the necessary functions to promote your success

  • Boost your business with personalized promotions
  • Send urgent alerts or notifications
  • Send payment reminders
  • Submit service status

Benefits of our SMS sending platform

Communicate with your customers by sending them SMS messages through our platform easily and quickly. The click-through rate for SMS is 4 times higher than for email, highlighting the tremendous power of bulk text messaging.

Same DID of your SIP Trunk

With our SMS service there is the possibility that you use the same telephone number for your voice and SMS channels, offering a better experience for your customers.

Automate sending SMS

With our platform you can automate the entire process of sending messages, from importing the contact list to scheduling the day and time to mass mailing.

Shipment reports

Once you send your campaign, check your reports and know in detail the results of your bulk SMS sending.

100% Cloud Solution

Our platform runs 100% in the Cloud. It is not necessary to have physical gateways or infrastructure, the solution has 24x7 support from our NOC.

Send your SMS campaigns easily, quickly and safely.

01. Import or create a list

If you already have a list of SMS subscribers, it is easy to import it into our platform. If you don't have one, you can quickly create one on our web platform.

02. Send A Campaign

Once you have your list, you can create your campaign and schedule the day and time it will be sent. You can configure it to be a one-time or repeating bell.

03. Monitor your Campaign

With real-time reports, which are easy to understand, you will know at all times if your messages were received correctly.

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