NGX SIP Trunks

We provide telephony solutions in the cloud tailored to your company. 

It is time to change your telephony to a 100% VoIP solution in the Cloud. Our SIP Trunks service you will obtain high quality telephony, high redundancy, scalability, national and international number portability, as well as delivery of telephone numbers in more than 70+ cities in Mexico and more than 85+ countries in the world. 

We have extensive coverage of DID's 

With NGX you can extend the reach of your company with our virtual numbers. There are no limits, you can hire as many virtual numbers as you require and obtain savings with the best telephony rates. 

International DID's 

Mexico DID's 


Benefits of NGX SIP Trunks 

Costs reduction 

Eliminates the need to purchase equipment, such as interface gateways between IP voice and PSTN networks. Eliminates the need for PRI / E1 connections, lowering telephony costs. 

Extensive coverage 

It allows to establish points of presence in different cities of the world, so that companies can establish a local number instead of depending on an 800 number. 

Cloud Services 

It allows to establish solutions based on the Cloud. This allows companies to have a certain degree of flexibility and scalability in their telecommunications services. 

24x7 support 

Our NOC is in charge of monitoring the services and is available 24x7 to attend to requests from our clients. 


Compatible with the main manufacturers of IP telephone switches and gateways on the market.


Support for high-quality, low-bandwidth codecs (G.711U / A and G.729).


100% scalable. Includes plans with unlimited calls. Allows number portability.

Try our services with the best rates

Tarifas desde:

Mexico Fixed: $0.15 MXN/min

Mexico Cellular: $0.35 MXN/min

USA: $0.65 MXN/min

*Cost based on consumption, subject to fair use policy

Unlimited plans from:

México: $450 MXN/channel

USA: $500 MXN/channel

*Cost based on consumption, subject to fair use policy

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