Protect your networks from the latest threats while accelerating your critical SaaS, SD-WAN and cloud application traffic with the most comprehensive firewall. 

Choose a firewall customized to the needs of your network 

The best in Firewall for your network

  • Cisco Meraki

  • Fortinet

  • Sophos

Cisco Meraki

Ideal for organizations planning a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution for distributed sites, campus, or data center VPN concentration. Managed 100% in the cloud. Includes SD-WAN capabilities, application-based firewall, content filtering, web search filtering, SNORT®-based intrusion detection and prevention, advanced malware protection (AMP), web caching, and cellular network failover 4 G, among many others. 

All the features you need in a Firewall and
 some that you didn't even know you needed. 

Decryption with TSL 1.3 

In addition to supporting the latest standards and policy tools, an intelligent TLS inspection can eliminate threats that regularly go unnoticed by other firewalls. 

Package inspection 

Thanks to IPS, next-gen, web protection, and application control that enable detailed packet inspection, ransomware and the latest leaks can be stopped. 

Optimize performance 

Accelerate your SaaS, SD-WAN, and cloud traffic like VoIP, video, and other trusted apps by putting them on the fast track to optimize performance. 


A firewall fitted to your needs 

Our firewall solution is tailored to your network needs with specific features for your unique environment. 


Enterprise-level protection

Support the most demanding distributed networks with unmatched risk visibility for your business. 


Comprehensive and simplified protection 

Save with unified threat management protection that is unmatched in manageability


Affordable and powerful 

Enjoy all the built-in content filtering and compliance features you need to protect. 


Merchants Integrations 

Securely access your product catalog with your integrated ICS, SD-WAN and SD-Branch firewall.

Cloud safe

Optimized protection

Protect your networks in the AWS, Azure or Nutanix cloud thanks to quick and easy deployments through the Cloud Platform Marketplace, thus providing optimal protection. 


Joint function for your endpoint

Synchronized security with automated response to threats, as well as allowing exclusive integration with endpoint protection products. 

Next Generation Firewalls

Beyond the network traffic inspection provided by traditional firewalls, Next Generation Firewalls have additional features such as application recognition and control as well as integrated intrusion prevention and threat intelligence in the cloud. When choosing your NGFW you must ensure that it meets the following requirements: 

Advanced Security and Intrusion Prevention 

Integrated next-generation IPS to detect threats and stop them quickly. URL filtering for policy compliance on hundreds of millions of URLs. Integrated sandboxing and advanced malware protection. 

Fast detection 

Threat detection in seconds, likewise detection in hours or minutes of the presence of an intrusion in the security of your network. Your firewall needs to prioritize alerts so you can take quick and accurate action. 

Automation and product integration 

Your firewall should not be an isolated tool, but rather communicate and work together with your entire security system integrating seamlessly with the other tools that you share with your provider. 

Full Networks Visibility 

Uninterrupted monitoring of the status of your networks, to detect bad behavior and carry out a quick response. An overview of your network activity and full contextual awareness is essential 

Flexible deployment and management options 

Management for each use case (integrated administrator or centralized management). The flexibility to customize with features that meet your needs, as well as a choice from a wide range of performance speeds. 

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