NGX Endpoint Security

  • Cloud-based endpoint protection 
  • Intelligent detection and response for Endpoint 

Security that gives you peace of mind, the world’s best Endpoint protection. 


Discover what a deep learning neural network can do for you 

Deep Learning, an advanced form of Machine Learning, enables unmatched endpoint threat prevention, detecting both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.  

This makes it smarter, scalable, and effective against unknown threats, since it uses Deep Learning to overcome security solutions that only use traditional Machine Learning or rely on signature-based detection. 

Worldwide recognition Endpoint security 

Best Endpoint Security 2018/2019/2020 
Leader 2021 
4.8/5 #1 Customer Rating Endpoint Protection Platforms 
Best Managed Security 
Service 2020 
Best Production for 
Small Business Endpoint 
#1 Exploit Protection 
Editor's Choice Award 
Endpoint Protection #1, 
Perfect Score 

Smart detection and response 
for Endpoint (EDR) 

Designed for security analysts and IT administrators looking for threats to provide accurate remote response to security problems 

Extended detection 
and response (XDR) 

Go beyond the endpoint, XDR uses data sources from the net, cloud, email and mobile devices to give you a broad view of your cybersecurity. 

Managed Threat Response 

An elite team conducts a proactive threat search, initiating actions to remotely contain and neutralize cyberattacks, advising you to avoid recurring incidents.

Learn more about the features that give you the most security 

Endpoint protection meeting the highest standards 

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) 

Easily see which computers may have been affected, thanks to the automatic detection of potential threats, you can determine which to prioritize. 

Deteccion de respuesta ampliada

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) 

We incorporate data sources between products to gain even more visibility, going even beyond your endpoints allowing you an expanded response. 


Protection against ransomware attacks 

Advanced file protection against ransomware, through automatic file recovery and behavior analysis to stop ransomware and master boot attacks. 


Deep Learning Technology 

Detect known and unknown malware without the need for signatures. Acting in a predictive rather than reactive way. 

prevencion de exploits

Exploit prevention 

Repel attackers by blocking exploits and the techniques they use to distribute malware, steal credentials, and exclude arrest. 

Managed Threat Response

Managed Threat Response 

A team of top-level threat hunters and response experts who take specific measures on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats. 

Active adversary mitigations 

Prevention of credential theft as well as the detection of malicious traffic and the mitigation of active adversaries, which prevents persistence on the computers. 

Administracion central

Centralized administration 

Through a central management platform, you can manage your protection for Endpoint, EDR, XDR, investigating, creating and deploying policies. 

seguridad sincronizada

Synchronized Security 

Our solutions work together, share data and initiate response actions automatically. 

Strengthen your defenses with
Endpoint & Firewall synchronized 

  • Better protection against advanced threats 
  • Automatically isolate infected computers 
  • Clean malware instantly 
  • Get 100% visibility into all the applications on your network 

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