We provide unified telecommunications solutions in the cloud

Cloud phone switch for your business

Total Simplicity. 100% cloud managed switch. 

One platform, all communications

Get your communications up and running with a virtual switch that lets you stay in control and manage everything from one place. Avoid jumping from one device to another, with Cloud PBX you can connect with your customers, suppliers and colleagues in a single portal.

Live Chat

Advise visitors in real time about your products / services, solve their doubts and convert your website leads into sales. Elevate chat to voice or video call with one click, receive performance reports and chat ratings.

MS Teams Integration

Save on calling plans thanks to the use of SIP trunks, easily configure call queues and routing. In addition, among its many functions, you can create an IVR answering machine, evaluate agent performance with call reports, and call remotely with 3CX apps.

Microsoft 365

Synchronize your status from your calendar, at the end of the event your status changes automatically. Work seamlessly with MS365 and 3CX, importing contacts and managing them in the apps. Do you need to make a call? No problem, use the Click2Call functionality and call from your computer.

60% less on your phone bill

no extension licenses

Save on call costs by using our SIP Trunks service.

Unified Communications in the Cloud

  • Telephony by switched connection
  • Instant Messaging / Chat
  • Voicemail to Inbox
  • Click to Call from Any Browser or CRM
  • WebRTC Web Videoconference - No Complications
  • VoIP clients for Android and iOS
  • Contact Center / Call Center
  • Integration with CRM's

CRM integration

Get to know your customer even before answering, create new customer registrations, make one-click calls from your CRM. Route calls to customer numbers or personalized questions and more.

Web Client

Contact colleagues and providers through messages or video calls from a single location. It includes advanced Call Center functionalities such as voicemail management, call queue, Wallboard, Whisper, etc.


Based on web platform, you can conduct videoconferences of unlimited time and users. It has presentation tools, remote assistance, whiteboard, chat, surveys, among others.

Trusted by more than 250,000 global customers

Facebook Business
from Cloud PBX

Reply to new Facebook leads faster, transfer chats to qualified team members thereby improving your response ratings.

NGX Cloud PBX: Features

Unified communications

In addition to the telephone service, voicemail to email, video calls, web conferences, start a chat or call with visitors to your website and instant messaging are included.

IVR and Answering Machine

Use answering machines with a menu of options that allows you to make a choice by entering a number from the keyboard and automatically link the call to your department or area.


With the VoIP Apps for Android and iOS, you can literally take your extension with you wherever you go. The VoIP App will allow you to answer calls made to your office extension from your smartphone.

Call Report

It allows to consult the log of incoming and outgoing calls in a web interface. Likewise, it allows the automatic generation of daily, weekly or monthly reports in Excel or HTML format.

Call Recording

Module to record the calls of your agents or extensions, which can be consulted through a web platform, likewise they can be sent to an external server for storage and consultation.


3CX improves security to avoid exploits by implementing its anti-hacking module with blacklisting, as well as the use of SSL and Secure SIP.

NGX: Cloud Solutions Provider based on 3CX

We are a 3CX solution provider, our services range from implementation and configuration to support and maintenance. We help companies improve their telecommunications with solutions from 3CX.

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