December 26

3CX Titanium Partner in Mexico


We’re delighted to share that NGX Networks is now 3CX Partner Titanium, the only one in Mexico. This alliance with NGX as a Mexican distributor allows us to provide a superior service in the LATAM market.

What is 3CX? What does 3CX mean?

3CX is a complete Unified Communications solution that allows each of our clients to provide an efficient Cloud PBX service. This service, plus SIP trunks and data center, empower NGX to provide a complete telecommunications service solution, thus offering its knowledge and support for each of the companies that are part of its portfolio. With the 3CX cloud switch, it is possible to receive calls to your office phone even when you are away from it, improve communication by videoconferences, optimize productivity and training of new agents, and much more.

3CX Partners in Mexico

3CX business model establishes exclusive sales through its Partner channel. This international network includes businesses that are trained to install and support 3CX. Within this network, there are 5 Partner levels designed for benefit and growth, not only for the partners but also for the portfolio of clients they serve. These levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium. 3CX operates globally with offices throughout Europe, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, and the United States. Although 3CX has some partners in Mexico, NGX Networks has managed to stand out as the only Titanium partner.
As a Titanium partner in Mexico, NGX has the three 3CX certifications required to be a partner.

3CX certifications


As a Titanium partner, NGX Networks has trained personnel at all necessary certification levels, and technical support 24/7 personnel to ensure an unparalleled service of excellence. 3CX has three certifications ranging from basic to advanced which have been achieved by professionals in the area of the NGX team. We know that transitions always pose challenges, but with highly trained personnel like NGX Networks, said transition flows, allowing the reduction in the learning curve and thus implementing all the advantages of your switch in the cloud.

Disruptive price

The fact that NGX is the only 3CX Titanium partner in Mexico is a testament to the excellent service we provide to our clients. We provide a solution that is up to 80% cheaper than other cloud/on-premise solutions, resulting in a reduction of their invoices of up to 60% in our clients.

How to buy 3CX?

Acquiring a solution that provides tangible benefits of the magnitude of 3CX is more than desirable, but it raises more questions: How to configure 3CX? What do I need to install it? How can I make calls? Easy, contact a partner and migrate to a complete cloud PBX solution with trained personnel who can guide you and show you how to get the most out of your cloud switch.

NGX Networks


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3CX Titanium Partner in Mexico

3CX Titanium Partner in Mexico
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