Service Level Agreement

This document applies only to Cloud PBX, SIP Trunks and Data Center Platforms; which must be available 24x7 to be used by any client who requests it.

Standard plan has an availability of 98% per month. Within this plan the
platform is in a single data center.

HA (high availability) plan has an availability of 99.5% per month. Within
this plan the platform is located in two different data centers with one
distance greater than 100KM from one to another. NGX has several PoP’s in which
may be used to provide services. If the client wants their services to be
found in a specific PoP, this will be established in the commercial proposal with
the client.

Availability percentage: Availability is calculated monthly by subtracting the
total time (100%) the percentages of downtime that would have occurred
in that period.

Inactivity time: It is the sum in minutes of all the periods in which the
service has not been available and whose duration has been greater than 5 minutes.

Normal Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Central Mexico Hours. Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM Central Time

Maintenance Times: NGX reserves up to a maximum of 6 hours per month
outside the established hours of normal operation, in order to carry out
maintenance or upgrades on related equipment, components, or systems
With the service. This time will be excluded for the purposes of the level calculations
service. Maintenance will be announced in advance by mail
electronic or will be announced on the NGX portal.

Exclusions to the SLA: Loss of service availability caused by (i) problems
beyond the reasonable control of NGX, including but not limited to SYN / denial of
service or similar attacks, mail bombs, DNS resolution, hardware failure,
Internet availability on the customer's portion of the network, provider problems
IP transit, or (ii) any loss of Services related to periods of time in
those where equipment at the customer's premises is being replaced or repaired;
(iii) any problems related to the Services due to the transfer or
number portability, either incoming or outgoing; or (iv) maintenance
scheduled or emergency will be excluded from service availability calculations;
(iv) problems caused by system administration, settings, commands,
lack of access to the web portal or other changes made by the Client; or (v) problems
derived from the use by the Client of hardware, software or applications of
third parties not previously approved by NGX, any case of force majeure.

Availability Guarantee: In the event that NGX does not meet the objectives of
availability of the service, the Client will have the right and must request the
corresponding compensation within 7 days of the failure or
failure to meet SLA targets. If the request is not made by the
client within the established period this will no longer proceed.

Once the minimum availability of the service according to the contracted SLA has been exceeded, the
Client will be entitled to compensation according to the following table:

Time of Unavailability


1 to 2 Hours

10% of the monthly fee

2 to 4 Hours

15% of the monthly fee

4 to 6 Hours

25% of the monthly fee

6 to 10 Hours

35% of the monthly fee

10 to 16 Hours

50% of the monthly fee

16 to 24 Hours

65% of the monthly fee

NGX Standard SLA

Incidence level

Response time

Critical - 100% of users in a location are affected.

1 Hour.

High - 50% of users in a location are affected.

4 Hour.

Normal - 10% of users in a location are affected

24 Hour.

Low - Changes, Requests, Questions.

48 Hour.

NGX Premium SLA

Incidence level

Response time

Critical - 100% of users in a location are affected.

25 Min.

High - 50% of users in a location are affected.

45 Min.

Normal - 10% of users in a location are affected

8 Hours.

Low - Changes, Requests, Questions.

12 Hours.

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